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New experts may find the Glossary page on the uboonedaq wiki useful.

Config files

  • List of config files and their purposes -- A page to keep track of when and why we switch to new config files. Please update this list when you create a new config.
  • Config file parameters -- What every parameter in the config file means, with example excerpts from config files.
  • Hardware Trigger Bits -- how to configure which hardware triggers we are accepting
  • RunType Convention -- the RunType convention agreed between DAQ and DM groups. You have to choose a RunType when uploading a config file, and this page will tell you which to use!
  • The Run Configuration Database Tool -- how to download and set up the run configuration database tool, and how to check, upload, and download config files. A quick reference for normal use (when you simply want to upload a new config file, and are not creating a new subconfiguration) is:
    1. Log into evb as uboonedaq: ssh then ssh
    2. cd DBTool
    3. To see existing configs: list_main_cfg [expert] ("expert" is optional -- use it to see expert configs)
    4. To get the fcl file of an existing config: print_fcl <config_name>
    5. To upload a new config from a fcl file: ./sbin/upload_fcl <fcl_name>. Uploaded configs will be set to "expert" by default.
    6. To move a config to the non-expert list: ./sbin/nonexpert_main_cfg <config_name or config_id>
    7. To archive an existing config (remove it from the database, if it's old or wrong and shouldn't be used): ./sbin/arxive_main_cfg <config_number>
    8. When you upload a new run configuration, don't forget to add it to the List of config files and their purposes!

An aside about run times: In normal running, the run time should be set to 420 minutes, or 7 hours. It is possible to choose a run time lower than this (if you want) but not higher. The reason for this is that we only have 24 bits for the frame number, which allows only slightly more than 420 minutes per run to have a unique frame number.

Ganglia metrics

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