Readout Electronics - Experts Only

Instructions on how to disable beam TRIGGER and VETO signals from the DAQ room:

DocDB 11261

Instructions on how to burn firmware on the Trigger Board can be found here:

DocDB 4707

Documentation showing the exact cabling and timing delays of the NIM trigger logic at LArTF can be found here:

DocDB 3836

Rack power-up and power-down procedure documentation can be found here:

DocDB 3825

The PCIE command sheet can be found here:

DocDB 4337

The PMT Shaper-to-ADC channel mapping can be found here:

DocDB 2962

Documentation describing how to access and edit ACNET beam signals sent to LArTF can be found here:

DocDB 4860

Figuring out PMT problem quickly from readout expert side

SlowMon GUI Access for Crate Power-Up
Instructions Here

An inventory of all Nevis electronics stored @ FNAL can be found here:
Nevis inventory spreadsheet - read only

How to produce the Hardware Trigger rate plot for a given run from the DAQ logs like the one shown below:

How to Update zero suppression configuration for the SN stream

Instructions for dealing with a supernova core-collapse event candidate (SNEWS alert) and the MicroBooNE SN stream (a.k.a. continuous readout):
Supernova protocol