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Sowjanya Gollapinni, 08/21/2015 03:10 PM

Rack Power ONOFF procedures

Step 1: Make sure the software DAQ/read-out processes are not running. In other words, this means that the platform power off procedure should ONLY be done AFTER the DAQ/computer room racks are powered down. Confirm from the On-call DAQ expert that this is the case before proceeding.

Step 2: Once step 1 is confirmed, go on the platform, with all requirements: Hard hat, closed-toed boots, and most importantly, Two-person rule!

Important note: The following racks should be powered off in the following order, and following indicated steps:

1. TPC-R2 through TPC-R5 power off:
a. Switch off both Wiener PS using the red toggle switch on the front panel (push down for 3 seconds).
b. Switch off the middle (CB2) and lowest (CB3) circuit breaker by accessing the back side of the rack; verify fans are off.
c. Switch off top (CB1) circuit breaker; verify NetGear network switch inside rack is off.
d. Switch off RPS slow controls using front panel switch on the slow controls panel. The +5V, +3.3V, and RPS Status LEDs should turn off.
e. Switch off the RPS (use switch behind the RPS unit). Use a step stool to reach, if needed; verify the AC Output ON, POWER, SENSOR, and ALARM LEDs on the AC Switch Box are off.
f. Only the AC Input Good LED on the AC Switch Box should be ON.