RC - Expert RunType Convention

We have RunType convention between DAQ and data management groups for bookkeeping. We choose RunType when creating DAQ configurations, and it should be consistent with the file name. For example, if the RunType is BeamOff, the file name parameter should be,

assemblerAppevb : [ {
  process_and_ship: {
    data_file_name : "BeamOffRun" 
} ]

Volunteers are welcome to update the run configuration database interface scripts to make it more automatic.

The current RunTypes are listed below,

Physics: taking the neutrino beam data
BeamOff: taking data when the neutrino beam is off
TPCCalibration: TPC calibration data, usually the pulser runs or the dedicated noise runs (when the drift high voltage is on)
PMTCalibration: PMT calibration data, currently we use this RunType for the runs with only PMT data (i.e. no TPC data)
LaserCalibration: laser runs
Noise: noise runs when the drift high voltage is off