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Yun-tse Tsai, 04/06/2016 12:22 AM

RC - Calibration Fanout

Calibration Fanout Panel

  • Start with the slow monitor, find the overview panel
  • Click the "Open Power Supply Overview Panel" button (dark purple) in the left bottom of the overview panel
  • Click the "ASICS LV" button in the "TPC PS" rack in the middle right in the panel
  • Here is the ASICS LV panel
  • Scroll it down, in the bottom there is the Calibration Fanout

Turn on/off the Calibration Fanout

  • Please follow the instruction in the green box in the top right of the panel:
    • Power on: Turn on -3.3V channel (the left one) FIRST before turning on +3.3V channel (the right one).
    • Power off: Turn off +3.3V channel (the right one) FIRST before turning off -3.3V channel (the left one).
  • After clicking the on/off button, you will have to enter the password: the first alphabet in the English alphabet list in lower case, and the first three natural numbers (excluding zero).
  • It takes a couple of seconds for the slow monitor control to respond. The button may bounce on and off. Don't panic. Please wait.