Posting shift plots on e-log

There are a couple of ways to make plots and post them to the logbook. Here is one:

1) In the plot window on the upper right portion of the slow control, click the button with the camera icon (third from the right) to save the plot as a png. See the image below to see where the camera icon is located.

2) Give the plot an appropriate name (perhaps formatted as YYYYMMDD_<shift>_<descriptor>) and save in the Pictures directory at /home/ubooneshift
Remember that doing this saves the plot inside the VNC session.

3) This step is necessary if the computer you are using to post to the logbook is different from the computer running the slow control (which is of course always the case unless you open the e-log page from inside the VNC which is not recommended). Open a terminal and execute getpic (this is usually done on a control room computer uboone-cr-xx depending on which computer you have your e-log open). The "getpic" app syncs the current user's Pictures directory with /home/ubooneshift/ Pictures.

4) In your new logbook entry, click "Browse..." under "Attach images:" and find your plots in the Pictures directory. It's like magic!

You can also use email to transfer the plots. Simply right click on the plot window and click "Send E-mail". Enter your email address to email the plot to yourself. It is possible to email multiple images by using the "Add Image" button.