PUBS, Python/Postgres for MicroBooNE Scripting system.

The PUBS daemons are a bunch of projects running to deal with the data we collect - they are the responsibility of the Data Management group.

When we write data, the projects register which file names are there, extract metadata, register it to SAM, transfer the data from the online machines to the dropbox in dCache, and then push it to tape. A duplicate copy of the data is also stored offsite at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). PUBS can also monitor the state of the SN stream data, held locally on the SEBs. A separate offline PUBS instance controls the processing of the data, including applying newly calculated calibration constants as part of data quality management. Finally, the projects check the checksum to make sure everything worked, and delete the file from the online machine. As PUBS pushes the data through this process, the progress of each project is monitored and viewable via GUI

This is all the responsibility of the DM group. Pretty much all you need to know as a DAQ expert is that daemons run on both EVB and near1 to do these jobs. If something seems to be wrong with this process, ask the DM expert to check the daemons.

PUBS is patterned after a similar database state machine that the Double Chooz experiment used for data management.