PMT - Troubleshooting

We list here problems that come up during operations and the steps used to solve them.

High Rates:

The shifters are asked to monitor the following Monitor Lizard Plot:

(pic here)

If one of the values goes above 256, the shifter should note which PMT it is in the e-log and then call the PMT expert.

PMT experts should have some tools ready to quickly swizzle the data (To experts, if you don't have this code ready to go, please talk to Taritree about setting it up)

-- ratecheck fcl file that runs specalib analyzer (for pulse height and rates), the swtrigger (for both online and offline info), and the raw waveforms (for analysis and viewing)
-- pylard can be used to look at the waveforms

Known issues (section to be updated):

-- high frequency noise info goes here. Solution was to switch HV channels

-- Long, bright bursts of PMT activity. Source still under investigation.