Operator Test Channel

There is a test channel in the slow controls that can be used to test and demonstrate how the displays, controls, and alarms work.

The “Test” channel has a new panel (called “TestPanel.opi”) which can be opened by pressing the "Test" button on the overview panel. Here's what the TestPanel looks like:

There’s a text entry box you can use to set the test channel to any value you like, a meter to show its present value, and a switch that lets you toggle the “undefined” (UDF) status of the channel. There is a Test alarm “area” in the alarm system now too. Entering a value in the yellow or red range will cause a minor or major alarm, respectively, and toggling on the UDF status will cause an invalid state alarm. This channel has the "annunciate" flag set, so it will also cause the Alarm Sounder page to alarm music, if you have it open.

A suggested use of the test channel is to make sure the Alarm Sounder page really will play for you at your local or remote site.