Online evd - Troubleshooting

There are a handful of issues that have been seen. I'll try to give the best way to handle them here.

The display opens but doesn't show any data

This could be an issue connecting with pnfs. Make sure the computer has internet, and then open up a terminal and type "ls /pnfs/uboone/". If you see just one item, "scratch," then the connection to pnfs has failed. If it's because the internet is down, contact networking. If the internet is working, however, we'll need to reboot the computer to have it remount pnfs, or as a super user run "mount /pnfs/uboone/". ubooneshift is not a super user.

The display was working for awhile but now it's not and the computer is frozen.

There used to be a pretty nasty memory leak plaguing the event display, particularly the section reading in from the binary files. I removed the worst offenders but it's possible I've missed it. If the display becomes completely unresponsive and you really haven't touched it, try quiting the display (click quit, or force quit by right clicking quit on the icon in the launcher) and restarting it. If this happens, let me know (Corey).

The display is showing really old events or not updating

Try closing the display and restarting it. If it's not accessing the latest files it might be that they just haven't arrived to pnfs yet.