Online evd - Guide

The display is meant to run on uboone-cr-01 in the control room.

The event display is currently running automatically via a cronjob on the ubooneshift account in uboone-cr-01. Remote shifters should monitor the event display using the following URL:

To launch the event display from the terminal on uboone-cr-01 from the ubooneshift account (default).

Run the following commands:

source /home/ubooneshift/

With those commands, the display should launch. Press the button "START" next to "Event update: OFF" in order to enable automatic updates.

If the display crashes/doesn't update, just restart it.

Guide to the Features.

The image below is a picture of the display without any data rendered. Below the image in the list I outline all the features that are near the numbers shown

The 3 planes represent the U, V, and Y planes from top to bottom. You can zoom in and out with scrolling, and you can click and drag to pan. If you right click, you can export the image to a file.

1. Run Information. This shows the run, subrun, and event number of this event. It can include the timestamp too, soon. The "Go to" box allows users to jump to events in this file. However, because it is reading binary files random access is not yet supported. If you are viewing larsoft or larlite format files, random acces works.

2. Event and File Selection buttons. On binary data, only the "Next" button works and not "Previous." Select file will open a file browser and allow you to select a new input file. You can select larsoft format files and .ubdaq files, as well as the .txt file ~/firstday_data/latest_ubdaq_file.txt.

3. These buttons and check boxes control viewing options.
  • Restore defaults will restore the default color scheme.
  • Max Range will set the x and y limits to the max in each view.
  • Clear points will remove points that can be added to each frame with Shift+LeftClick. If wire drawing is enabled, then ...
  • Eval. Points will plot the ionization along the path of points selected.
  • Auto Range is not supported for raw data, only reconstructed quantities.
  • Lock A.R. will force the aspect ratio to be 1:1 in wire time space (Both converted to cm)
  • Wire Drawing will toggle a 4th, smaller window at the bottom and allow you to draw wire information. Click on a view and that wire will appear in the small view at the bottom. You can zoom, pan, etc. in that view as well.
  • Use cm will change the units of the bottom left mouse-over information to centimeters. (See 6)

4. These buttons will allow you to view only one plane or all three.

5. The quit button will close the viewer. cntr+C should also work, as well as the X in the top of the menu bar (not pictured)

6. This region will show the position of the mouse in wire/timetick or cm/cm space (if enabled, see 3). It only updates while the mouse is over a view.

7. This button will cause the noise filter to run or not run. It runs by default and the box is not checked by default - I will fix this bug.

8. This button will start the viewer autocycling through events. It won't allow you to cycle faster than once per 30 seconds, and 60 is more recommended. The viewer becomes slow when it is rendering a new file, so I'll be addressing this soon.

9. This button will auto-update to the latest file. At the moment, that only works if you selected latest_ubdaq_file.txt as the input file.

10.This button will trigger a screen capture of the entire viewer to save locally. It will tag the file with run, subrun and event so you are welcome to do this if you see interesting things!