Online PUBS Database Reconfig

1. The first thing that we have to do is to stop the PUBS daemons (

2. Then, log in prod-ws01.

>kinit -Af <USERID>@FNAL.GOV
>ssh -XY <USERID> #where USERID is your kerberos principal ID, e.g. <USERID>@FNAL.GOV

3. Connect to near1.

>ssh -Y

4. Go to the pubs/ directory.

>cd pubs/

5. Open the config/ file and look for the line "source /home/uboonepro/.sql_access/;". The latter is the file where we export our variables.

6. Open the /home/uboonepro/.sql_access/ file;

7. Under the titles "# SQL reader account config", "# SQL writer account config" and "# SQL admin account config", you will find the place where we export the IP address and we can switch between smc, smc2, near2 and seb10.

8. Comment in the lines that you are interested in and comment out the lines that you don't want any more (WATCH OUT, YOU HAVE TO DO IT UNDER ALL 3 TITLES!!!)

9. Go back to the pubs directory and source the config/ file.

>cd pubs/
>source config/

10. Restart the PUBS daemons (