Online Binary File Transfer

The transfer of the binary files from ubdaq-prod-evb to ub-prod-near1 is done through an rsync pull from ub-prod-near1 (that is where the project is run from).

Online Binary Transfer Status by Run

Run Number metadata status location notes
2-181 partially valid complete /pnfs/uboone/data/uboone/raw/online/assembler/v6_00_00/00/00/0X/YZ/ DAQ v5_00_01 - metadata does not have correct start time, end time, number of events, first event, or last event
182-217 partially valid complete /pnfs/uboone/data/uboone/raw/online/assembler/v6_00_00/00/00/0X/YZ/ DAQ v5_00_01 - metadata has correct start time of run, end time is incorrect
575-??? valid complete /pnfs/uboone/data/uboone/raw/online/assembler/untagged/00/00/0X/YZ/ ub_project.version was left untagged in the metadata but this is with uboonedaq_datatypes v6_XX_YY
969 start of uboonedaq_datatypes v6_13_01