OnlineMonitoring SC

print full page->remove
helps and hints tab>redirect to wiki-
reference not found->find suitable references
non-scaling reference and leaving marks on plot - Fixed I think? --N
logscale option missing from mapwire
add vertical indicator under cursor to make sense of content
(or painting a region to have it give a value)
no reset button on mapccc
no rest or logscale buttons on mapwire
no logscale for triggerflag correlation matrix or framediffs bin contents-> scale y-axis for now
no calib on x-axis^
not helpful descriptions under TPC and PMT plots
reset on pmt summed wave form erases y-axis
add frame number
double click on logscale for tpc waveform makes plot overflow->press reset for now
negative numbers in exponential when they don't need to be
sibling plot buttons
navigation expands too much and throws a single plot at the top you have to scroll to see->click the title in navigation again for now
show first sigfig on mean
PMT peak time instead of optical pulse time?