OnlineMonitoring QA

Questions you might have:
What is underflow/overflow?

Date that goes outside the bounds of the plot (should almost always be zero)

What is checksum?

A check to make sure the data does not get truncated or stops being recorded appropriately

What is GPS vs crate time?

A check to make sure the timestamps match; the plot gives the difference in time if any

What is bad/unpack results?

A check to ensure the data is being organized correctly (should be flat)

What does NaN mean?

Not a Number; undefined

What do ADC and TDC mean?

Analog Digital Converter and Time Digital Converter; units of measurement

What is pedestal corrected?

Fitting the data around zero instead of the mode of distribution

What do the hits over pedestal and fraction of samples over pedestal plots represent?

They indicate problems with channels; if there is a large amount, the channel is noisy, if there is a zero the channel is dead

What is readout occupancy?

How many hits per channel (should always be the same)

What is a discriminator?

When a trigger for one PMT fires

What is last recorded waveform?

It adds all waveforms from the last event in the whole detector

What is a window?

1.6 us; a snapshot of the TPC and the time it takes to sweep the detector out once; also referred to as a readout window

What is a frame?

A full window before and after an event along with the event window

What is a trigger?

What cues the machines to record once above/below a certain threshold; for the detector, generally the beam; for a PMT, generally dark noise or cosmics

What does beam window per channel per record mean?

How many beam seen per record (should be 0-1)

What is a gate?

The same thing as a record or event

What is a PMT card trigger stamp or a trigger card at 16MHz?

The time the card thought the trigger started; another time check

What is optical pulse time?

The time of the pulse according to a PMT

What does a weighted pulse height do?

It shows the big pulses more than the small pulses

What does the frame diff plot show?

The frame according to the PMT compared to the trigger; checks the synchronization (should always be diagonal and be within a two block width)

What is integrated charge?

The total charge seen in the detector, averaged

What is BNB?

Booster Neutrino Beam