OnlineMonitoring CH

How to set up using Chrome

Get an account with

If you do not have one open a ticket with the Fermilab Service desk

  1. Go to Self Service
  2. Under "request things" click "General Requests"
  3. Go to "Create a New Scientific Computing Request"
  4. Request access to
  5. Confirm you can ssh to the daq machines.

Configure your ssh tunnel

You need to have a Host and dynamic forward to a four digit number you must remember for future setup (for example, we will use '8881').

  • go to your home directory

$ cd ~/

  • Use an editor and edit your configuration file (nano will work)

$ nano .ssh/config

  • set up a Host (I'll call mine ws). It should look something like this;

Host ws
DynamicForward 8881

(This sets up a sock v5 proxy)
Save your changes and close nano.

Change your proxy settings

Assuming you don't have proxy software, we'll download one (we'll use FoxyProxy for this walkthrough).

  • Go to your Chrome Extensions


  • Click "Get More Extensions"
  • Search for "FoxyProxy"
  • Install FoxyProxy Standard
  • Go back you your Extensions

    Make sure it is enabled, and click options.
  • Select "Add a New Proxy"
  • Under General name the proxy localhost:8881 (or whatever 4 digit number you are using from before)
  • Under Details make a manual configuration that should look like this:
  • Allow a URL pattern (call it near1) to Allow whitelist and pattern type wildcard. It should look like this;
  • Now save your proxy configurations.

Tunnel in to DAQ

SSH to

  • If you're following these instructions, then the command should be;

$ ssh ws

leave this tunnel open

Go to the Monitor Lizard

  • In your address bar enter

You should now be looking at the Online Monitor Lizard.

Further help

For further help go to