Old Run Control VNC Settings

Starting the DAQ VNC on ws01 (Before October 13, 2015)

If it is not open, connect to the vnc session for the DAQ by opening a terminal and doing:

ssh -L 5908:localhost:5905

(you may need to refresh the kerberos before doing this)

Now, start the vnc session:

vncviewer localhost:5908

The password is the common DAQ password xxxxxxxxxxx (concatenate the MicroBooNE DocDB user name, the number two, and the first syllable in the word preceding "xxxxxxxxxxx" in this sentence). This should open you up to a desktop on ubdaq-prod-ws01 as uboonedaq

Starting a run

In the vnc session (see above item), open a terminal and log in to (still as uboonedaq):

ssh evb

You should see a bunch of setup things reported. You should see in blue text the DAQ version number. If a DAQ expert wants you to change versions, all you should need to do is log out of evb, and log back in to get the desired one.

Do "" on terminal:

You will then be prompted to enter how long you would like this run to be. You cannot put a value in greater than 420 minutes. You can exit the console daq script here by typing 'exit'. Consult the white board, elog, run plan, or run coordinator on what should be entered here (but for normal data-taking, 420 minutes is good).

After that, you will be prompted to pick a configuration ID. Consult the white board, elog, run plan, or Run Coordinator for the config ID we want to run. There are semi-descriptive names that go along with the ID, but you will need to enter the ID number on the command line.