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Michael Weber, 12/17/2015 12:06 AM

Off-Site System Setup

Required Software

This is a list of the Software packages you need to have installed on your systems

  • OS of your choice (e.g. LinuxMint 17.2)
  • Opera browser for uBoone Online Monitor Lizard
  • Other browser(s) of your choice (Firefox)
  • VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect)
  • Kerberos client (krb-5)
  • SSH client (openSSH)
  • VNC client (remmina on ubuntu seems to serve only one connection without crashes, krdc is OK, also realvnc possible)
  • Vidyo (, possible backup with skype.

How to Configure your Software

In this chapter some necessary configurations steps are listed

Browser Setting

Activate automatic proxy configurations in your browser settings using the URL:

Skype Settings

The standard communication channal with ROC West will be Skype. Therefore create a Skype account for your off-site system. Then add the user ubooneshift to your contact list and activate automatic call answering for this user.

Google Hangout

An other communication channel is Google+. It is used by a lot of system experts. Create your own account and add ubooneshift to your contact list.