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Christoph Rudolf von rohr, 11/19/2015 06:16 AM

Off-Site Procedures

Required Software

This is a list of the Software packages you need to have installed on your systems

  • OS of your choice (e.g. LinuxMint 17.2)
  • Opera browser for uBoone Online Monitor Lizard
  • Other browser(s) of your choice (Firefox)
  • VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect)
  • Kerberos client (krb-5)
  • SSH client (openSSH)
  • VNC client (realvnc)
  • Skype

How to Configure your Software

In this chapter some necessary configurations steps are listed

Browser Setting

Activate automatic proxy configurations in your browser settings using the URL:

Skype Settings

The standard communication channal with ROC West will be Skype. Therefore create a Skype account for your off-site system. Then add the user ubooneshift to your contact list and activate automatic call answering for this user.

Google Hangout

An other communication channel is Google+. It is used by a lot of system experts. Create your own account and add ubooneshift to your contact list.