Off-Site System Setup

This page describes how to set up your off-site remote operations center.
For how to start up the programs needed for your off-site shift, see Off-Site Procedures.

Required Software

This is a list of the Software packages you need to have installed on your systems

  • OS of your choice (e.g. LinuxMint 17.2
  • Opera browser for uBoone Online Monitor Lizard
  • Browser(s) of your choice (Firefox)
  • VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect)
  • Kerberos client (krb-5)
  • SSH client (openSSH)
  • VNC client (remmina on ubuntu seems to serve only one connection without crashes, krdc is OK, also realvnc possible)
  • Vidyo ( is good but no mandatory with only one shifter.
  • Skype (backup to Vidyo) is good but no mandatory with only one shifter.

For a complete list of all requirements for off-site shift systems and off-site shifters see Off-Site Shifting Requirements.

How to Configure your Software

In this chapter some necessary configurations steps are listed

Browser Settings

Activate automatic proxy configurations in your browser settings using the URL:

h3. Vidyo Settings

The Vidyo connection with ROC W is no longer used. For more information on Vidyo see the following:

h3. Skype Settings

The backup communication channel with ROC West will be Skype. Therefore create a Skype account for your off-site system. Then add the user ubooneshift to your contact list and activate automatic call answering for this user.

Call Forwarding to remote shift centers

For setting up call forwarding initially, see the instructions at Shift Turnover to add your phone number to the ubooneshift google voice account. For international shift stations, you will use google hangouts to answer the phone. Google voice will also let you know if you missed a call for any reason. Please, listen to any voice mails and return calls as needed, though try not to miss phone calls if possible!

To activate or deactivate your phone number, log in to the uboone shift google account. Go to the top right, click on the icon that displays google apps (like Calendar, Mail, etc.), click on "More" and then "Even more google." From the new tab that opens, find "Voice" and click that. Then, click settings (the gear icon towards the top right). In settings, click "Phones." From there, you should be able to check on uncheck your shift stations phone number. Make sure it is checked when you are shifting!


The Slack shift channel is the main method by which to contact system experts. While on shift, please use either the ubooneshift account (sign in with the ubooneshift google account), or a dedicated shift station account.