Off-Site Shifting Requirements

On this page you will find all requirements for off-site shift systems and off-site shifters. Please read this carefully, if you are considering setting up your own system or if you are planning your off-site shifts.

Off-Site System Requirements

  • Every off-site shifting system needs to demonstrate that it is fully operational via 24 hours of shadow shifts (three 8-hour shift blocks).
  • A phone landline without restrictions (also international calls) is needed. This phone should only be used for the purpose of remote shifting (can serve multiple experiments, as long as the corresponding shifts do not overlap in time).
  • A dedicated room for remote shifting should be used, free of distractions from non-shifting activities.

Hardware Requirements

  • 100 Mbit/s internet connection (recommended 1 Gbit/s)
  • At least two PC's, each with the following specs (or better)
    • CPU quad core with 2.8 GHz
    • 8 GB RAM
    • Multiple graphics cards for multi-screen use
    • Six monitors (21" or larger), two of which with 2560 x 1440 resolution (for VNC windows)
  • It is recommended to use three PC's in total with each connected to two monitors. Recommended monitor size is 27".

Software Requirements

There are no OS type restrictions, but obviously your OS has to support all of the necessary hardware and software components listed on this site. Linux distributions are endorsed since uBooNE experts are able help you to solve problems. Also the some of the needed clients are natively provide by most Linux OS. Following is a list of special clients and software which needs to be installed. As examples you find the software which is used for the Bern remote operation center in brackets.

  • OS of your choice (e.g. Ubuntu 15.10)
  • Opera browser for uBoone Online Monitor Lizard
  • Browser(s) of your choice (Firefox)
  • VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect)
  • Kerberos client (krb-5)
  • SSH client (openSSH)
  • VNC client (realvnc)
  • Skype
  • Slack for shift chat, which can be accessed either through a browser (no plugin) or desktop app.
    • International remote stations may still need to use Hangouts (not Google Voice) for call forwarding, but otherwise Hangouts, and any related documentation, can be considered depreciated.
  • Google Hangouts for international remote stations to use call forwarding.
  • Remote Desktop Client (Remmina).

Off-Site Shifter Requirements

There are a couple of special procedures which apply for shifters:

  • Before signing-up
    • Especially off-site shifters need to read the Wiki carefully, since they need to know how to start all system from scratch.
    • All shifters need to do shift training with the Run Coordinator before their first shift.
    • Check if your computing and services accounts are active and if you still remember your password. This includes verifying your Fermi Domain account is active and registered for the iFix. Allow several days for this, and contact the run coordinator with questions.
  • Before shifts
    • You must verify your Fermi Domain account and ability to access the ifix display before starting your offsite shift. Note: a Fermi Domain account is different from your Services account. To do so:
      • Call the FNAL service desk at 630-840-2345 and ask for a Fermi Domani Account for taking MicroBooNE shifts.`
      • Once obtained, contact Mark Knapp (, with last-name "knapp") asking to be granted permission to access the MicroBooNE IFIX display in order to take shifts for MicroBooNE. Provide him with your FNAL username. Copy the microboone run coordinators (, with last-name "microboone_runco")on your email to Mark, and ask him to direct any questions about access approval to the machines to the run coordinators.
    • You must also work with the run coordinator to verify that your shift station can receive calls. Since a phone call is part of the turn over procedure, this verification only has to happen before the very first shift at a station.
  • During shifts
    • Off-site shifters need to be able to troubleshoot their local system (if there is a problem you are on your own). Call the backup shifter if needed, though if your station goes down that is an emergency for your institution and you should get the needed personnel to restart it immediately.
    • If you need to step out for a few minutes, to use the bathroom or other short (< few minutes) break, that is OK. If you have planned times you can not be at the station, you must arrange coverage in advance.