OM - What to look at

0. Use the Opera Browser, not Firefox. There's an icon on each desktop.

1. Make sure you have a window open to the current data. Here is good link to use:,/tpc/mapccc/h_pedestal_width

This shows the raw ADC distribution from the whole detector, and a color map showing truncated pedestal RMS from all channels.

Data will update every ~5 minutes when you are running. Normally, you don't have to click anything.

2. When running, keep an eye out for this:

This means something is wrong with the electronics or the DAQ.
Click the "Start here" button to see a histogram that has a list of errors.
You can mouse-over bins to see the detailed error message.

It's probably time to call an expert!

3. Check the event and frame alignment here:

Look for these plots:

These show a box, one per crate, that show that we're getting the same event number recorded by all crates in the event record. Off-vertical boxes mean badness!