OM - Errors

These are errors that can be shown in the /errors/ section, any of which will cause the Big Red Box to appear.

Empty record The event record contains no data. Indicates problem with dispatcher communications.
Swizzle error The event record could not be de-serialized. This indicates a major problem with data corruption or unpacking.
Mismatch event counter vs trig (removed)
Mismatch frame counter vs trig Frame counters differ by more than one between trigger data and crate data
Mismatch event counters vs consensus (removed)
Mismatch frame number Not all crates agree on the frame number; one crate is off by more than 1.
Mismatch Event Counters vs Global (removed)
All SEB Times are bad No SEB has a recorded a good time-of-the-event.
Event time before run start An SEB has recorded a time-of-event that is before the first recorded event time in this run.
Event times out of order An SEB has recorded a time-of-event that is before the last event the OM looked at in this run.
No trigger fragment No data from the trigger has been recorded.
Multiple trigger fragments There appears to be more than one trigger card fragments.
No trigger cards There is a trigger fragment, but no trigger card data
Multiple trigger cards There is more than one trigger card data object.
No trigger channels There is a trigger card data object, but no channel data.
Unpack error - tpc crate XXX There was an error unpacking data on this crate/card/channel.
Unpack error - trig crate
Unpack error - pmt crate XXX (card XXX channel XXX)
RWM pulse out of time This means that Resistive Wall Monitor (RWM) signals from the beam are being recorded by our readout at a time with respect to the trigger different then expected. RWM signals inform us of when neutrinos reach our detector, and a shift in the timeline can be worrisome. The error occurs if this signal appears outside of the 360-370 time-tick range. Make an elog of the RWM beam-timing plot, and email Zarko and David Caratelli.
(Technical detail: PMT channel 39 was seeing a big pulse but not at the time expected. This indicates that the beam timings may have changed, which will be very bad for our software trigger efficiency. This error occurs if /pmt/crate10/card04/chan39/beamgate/h_45_FirstPulseTime has entires outside of the 360-370 range, or if /pmt/crate10/card04/chan39/cosmic/h_45_FirstPulseTime shows any entries at all. By default, an entry is made in these if the PMT channel passes a threshold of 100 ADC counts.)
Pedestal errors on crate [X] card [Y] / asic [XYZ] ADC bit shift issue - please contact Georga Karagiorgi (see expert call list) immediately to conduct tests.