Making Shift Plots

In CSS, plots can be made using the "Data Browser" functionality. The "Data Browser" is a highly configurable tool and provides many plot making options to the user.

On the Alarm Tree, right click on the PV/variable you want to plot. On the pop-up menu, select "Process Variable" and then select "Data Browser".

Note: You can also right click on the value field of any variable on any panel to make a plot:

This opens a "data browser" window. One can click on the 4th icon on the data browser tool bar to choose auto-scaling for the plot. There are many plot handles on the data browser tool bar that one can find useful. Doing a mouse over on the tool bar icons will tell you what they are. In the Standard Slow controls screen, on the bottom left we have the "Properties" tab that will let the user configure the plot being made.
The "Traces" tab will let you choose whether to show a trace on the plot or not. One can also choose the trace type from the drop down menu.

The "value axis" on the properties panel (min/max fields) will let you adjust the vertical scale on the plot:

The "time axis" on the properties panel will let you enter start and end time for the plot. There is also an option to choose absolute start and end times using the calendar view.

If you cannot find the "Properties" tab on the Slow control screen, follow these instructions to open it:
-> on the first toolbar, click on window -> "Show View" and then select "Properties". If you cannot find "Properties" on the initial pop-up window, click on "other" and then select "Properties" from the full list displayed.

Adding more traces to an existing plot

One can add any number of traces to an existing data browser window. To do this, pick the second desired PV to be drawn (for example from the alarm tree or the PV value field) and right click on it and select "Process Variable" option and then select "Copy PV to Clip board":

Once copied, right click on the data browser plot area and select "Add PV"

This pops up a "Add PV" dialog box. Right click on the empty box next to "name" and paste the copied PV name and click "OK"

That is it, you will see the added PV on the data browser plot with a different color. Notice that there will be two colored vertical axes now indicating the two different traces. Use the "Properties" tab again to configure the plot.