Log of known changes in uboonecode and effect on validation plots

The table below contains a log of known changes in uboonecode, with notes about how we expect them to affect the validation plots. To see what the "comparison to base MC" validation plots should look like for the current version of develop compared to MCC 8, see Example plots - Comparison to base MC.

Note that for older releases, CI validation becomes sporadic since this was triggered manually several months later. Results from these select uboonecode releases can be found in docdb 15357.

Date ubcode release notes LarSoft release notes Comments
2018-08-13 v06_84_00 v06_84_00 Fix to Gaushit thresholds bug introduced in v06_82_00, so plots have reverted back to being correct. Also note that in this release the calorimetry plots appear to be incorrect. This seems to be due to some issue at the reco2 stage resulting in no pandoraNu data products being produced (or being produced but having a size of 0). Work is being undertaken to understand this.
2018-07-10 v06_83_00 v06_83_00 Addition of the number of trajectory points per track variable to CI validation pass. Last weeks didn't have this variable so the histogram should be empty.
2018-06-28 v06_82_01 v06_82_00 First split release but fails to build due to missing dependencies (ubsim)
2018-06-28 v06_82_00 v06_82_00 There's a change here in the number of reconstructed tracks and showers. Suspect commit affects Gaushit but currently under investigation.
2018-06-25 v06_81_00 v06_81_00
2018-06-16 v06_80_02 v06_80_01
2018-06-07 v06_80_01 v06_80_00
2018-06-04 v06_80_00 v06_80_00
2018-05-26 v06_79_00 v06_79_00
2018-05-26 v06_78_00 v06_78_00
2018-05-18 v06_77_00 v06_77_00
2018-05-12 v06_76_00 v06_76_00
2018-05-03 v06_75_01 v06_75_01
2018-04-29 v06_75_00 v06_75_00
2018-04-21 v06_74_01 v06_74_01
2018-04-13 v06_74_00 v06_74_00 Shifters noted a change in the calorimetry plots. This is due to a new database tag (v2r0), which changes the status of a number of channels.
2018-04-06 v06_73_00 v06_70_00
2018-03-30 v06_72_00 v06_70_02
2018-03-22 v06_71_00 v06_71_00
2018-03-18 v06_70_02 v06_70_02
2018-03-08 v06_70_01 v06_70_01
2018-03-06 v06_70_00 v06_70_00
2018-03-01 v06_69_01 v06_69_01
2018-02-23 v06_69_00 v06_69_00
2018-02-16 v06_68_00 v06_68_00 Switched to generating without space charge for BNB MC, as is done with production. Expect some weirdness in the plots due to this. The reduction in track completeness is accompanied by a significant increase in very low completeness tracks (between completeness of 0% and 5%).
2018-02-09 v06_67_01 v06_67_01 I see very little difference between these releases. There is some change in the calorimetry variables, which I believe probably comes from a commit by Tracy: 2018-02-06 Usher, Tracy L : Revert handling of long pulse trains to previous method of breaking into n pulses of at least m ticks width
(controlled by fhicl).
2018-02-09 v06_67_00 v06_67_00
2018-02-09 v06_66_00 v06_66_00 First entry in log. Known differences between production (v06_26_01_11) and develop (v06_66_00) can be found here, but mainly come down to:
* Database tags update in uboonecode v06_29_00
* Pandora version update to v03_07_00 in uboonecode v06_60_00
2017-12-15 v06_60_00 v06_60_00 There is a small change in the number of reconstructed showers here, however no change in the number of reconstructed tracks. There is a small reduction in the track start and end resolution and a significant change in the track completeness. This is thought to come from the introduction of pandora v03_07_00
2017-11-10 v06_56_00 v06_56_00
2017-09-01 v06_48_00 v06_48_00 The differences in the hit distributions are not currently understood. There were calwireroi updates with this release which seem like a likely cause but it seems there is no concrete evidence of this.
2017-08-10 v06_46_00 v06_46_00 ROI finder changes induce hit multiplicity changes, and other minor hit-related changes.
2017-07-14 v06_43_00 v06_43_00 Bug fix in determining correct response for use on V plane un U and Y shorted region results in a reduced number of reconstructed tracks.
2017-06-22 v06_41_00 v06_41_00 CalWireROI updates affect hit distributions on the V plane, which is thought to be expected.
2017-06-09 v06_39_00 v06_39_00 Minor reconstruction differences. Introduction of the track direction bug (later fixed).
2017-05-11 v06_35_00 v06_35_00 CORSIKA timing bug is fixed, small difference in calorimetry plots due to a bug fix in the calibrations (XvY bug).
2017-04-29 v06_34_00 v06_34_00 Updates to hit distributions, assumed to be due to gaushit changes, but not confirmed.
2017-03-25 v06_28_01 v06_28_01 database tags update and hit thresholds are updated cause significant change in the hit plots due to a bug in the treatment of the shorted region. This was fixed in a subsequent version.