List of MicroBooNE online machines

Note that all online machines not in the test stand (ws01, ws02, smc, smc2, near1, near2, EVB, and seb1-seb10) all share the same home area, which really lives on evb and is mounted on the others. This means that everything is accessible from every machine, but if evb has problems then it can remove the home area for all machines.

  • ws01, ws02 (full address: or
    • ws = working station
    • These are gateway machines: you have to log into one of them to access all other online machines (including the test stand machines)
  • smc, smc2 (full address: or
    • smc = slow monitor control
    • These machines run the slow monitor. smc2 used to be a test stand machine, but was moved to be the backup for smc.
    • If the database is moved from smc to another machine, we need to make sure the DAQ is configured to look for the database on the correct machine. To tell the DAQ whether to look for the database on smc or smc2 (or elsewhere), you need to edit the file /home/uboonedaq/.sqlaccess/ change the IP addresses given for DBTOOL_READER_HOST and DBTOOL_WRITER_HOST. Once the file has been changed, you need to log out and log back in again (because the file is sourced when logging in as uboonedaq).
  • near1, near2 (full address: or
    • near1 runs the online monitor and PUBS daemons to extract metadata from raw data files and transfer them away to dCache.
    • Note that if you want to move the online monitor (e.g. if near1 is having problems) it can be configured to run on near2. This requires changes in the uboonedaq code and the config file. See here to see the necessary changes in the uboonedaq code, and compare configs 681 and 691 to see the necessary changes in the config file. It may also require some work on the side of the online monitor experts to ensure everything is being picked up correctly, and the online monitor is reading histograms from the correct machine.
    • The original plan for the DAQ was to use near1 and near2 to store data, but that is not how they are used now (data is transferred to tape by PUBS daemons)
  • evb (full address:
    • The event builder runs here -- the process that receives data from seb1-seb10, and builds the data from all 10 sebs into one event.
    • evb has a larger disk space than other machines (which is why it is used to run the event builder)
  • seb01-seb10 (full address: etc.)
    • The SEBs machines -- each seb reads out one crate of readout electronics. seb1-seb9 read out TPC crates. seb10 reads out the PMTs and the trigger information.
  • uboonedaq-evb (full address:
    • Test stand evb machine
    • The test stand machines (uboonedaq-evb and uboonedaq-seb-01 have never been used as production machines. Sometimes they have been used to test new DAQ functions without breaking the real DAQ. For a while, the production code was compiled on the test stand machines as well but this has not been kept up (so, for example, the ganglia setups are different for the test stand machines and the production machines).
  • uboonedaq-seb-01 (full address:
  • ipmi (full address: ubdaq-daq-ipmi)
    • IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface
    • in charge of power supply to all machine and able to mange it to each one individually.