Laser - Power off procedure

In case of power outage at LArTF, please contact Michele Weber, Igor Kreslo, Thomas Strauss or Yifan Chen to arrange the laser power off procedure.
If the power outage is shorter than 10min, the UPS on the laser racks should be sufficient to protect the vital components of the system and the other parts would turn back on once the power is resumed.
If the power outage is longer than UPS can support, please manually switch off the laser racks.

Start the laser rack turning off procedure

  • In case you can log in as "root" in uboonelaser1 and uboonelaser2, please execute "shudown -h 0" in command line on the servers. This would turn off the server safely.
  • Switch off all panels on the front side, starting with NIM, slow control box, UV laser(, laser server if you don't have "root" permission on the servers)

Contact either Michele Weber (LHEP), Igor Kreslo (LHEP) or Thomas Strauss (FNAL). If any of them gives the 'OK', proceed. Else do not do anything on your own. In case of a long-time power off, the UV laser rack needs to be switched off, for a short-term outage (<10min) it has sufficient backup via UPS that vital components are protected, while non-vital components are loosing power and turn back on automatically.

In case of "OK" for turn off the system:

Login to uboonelaserone/two. Execute the "shutdown -h 0" command. This should turn off the server securely.
Now switch off all panels on the front, starting with NIM, SlowControl-Box, UV laser and than power off the UPS units, there are two of them (on/off switch is on front). For day or week long power off, you can open the back panel and also switch off the PDU switches. The RPS loses power once the AC is off.

This is it. Inform the "on_call laser expert" you finished the job.

For safety, the laser rack will NOT turn on after power is restored to the building, no matter what. This turn on procedure is 'expert' intervention, as it requires a visual inspection of the whole laser system.