Laser - Guide

General Guide

If there is any laser-related issue (operation, safety or beyond), please contact one of the following experts: Michele Weber, Igor Kreslo, Thomas Strauss and Yifan Chen.

Required Training

To Conduct a Laser Run

This is a short description of the steps to conduct a laser calibration run, as a general guideline for experts and as an overview for non-experts.

1. Contact PMT expert to ramp off PMT HV and perform light tightness check.
2. Start up the two lasers on the platform (bring the keys from the key box in ROC)
3. Login to the laser servers (locally or via ssh) and start the laser control:

0. open a new screen (so you can log off the server without killing the run)
1. goto the laser control directory
2. source
3. execute the laser run control script

Enter the current run number and the config file specified used for this run
The run can always be aborted with ctrl-c

4. This will start the warm up of the laser as well as the initial positioning of the cold mirror, this will also give you some information about the current positions and state of the laser system
5. When the warm up is done (20 minutes) the script will ask to start the run - do not start it yet
6. Start a new DAQ run (as of 9.July the config id is 463. Earlier runs were started with 313)
7. When the DAQ is ready, hit enter on the laser terminal - this will start the laser run. Nothing else needs to be done now.
8. When the laser run is 20 minutes away from the ending, one can start the other laser system (go to step 3)
9.When the laser run is finished on the laser server, stop the DAQ run.
10. When laser runs with both systems have been performed, the laser system is in idle state and can be switched off (remove keys)
11. Inform the PMT experts that the laser run is finished and the PMT can be brought back up