How to make ssh tunnels to ubdaq internal webservers

Concrete example and overview in about 100 words

Example: You are running a web browser on a computer outside of the LArTF DAQ network. You can use ssh to make a dynamic SOCKS proxy on port 8881 on your machine, via ubdaq-prod-ws01, that can be used to access anything inside the LArTF network. Here is a linux or OS/X command to run on your machine to do this:

ssh -D 8881 

Now go to your browser settings and tell it to make connections according to the "Proxy AutoConnect" file lartf.pac attached to this page. (See setting-pac-file-Chrome-Windows.png and setting-pac-in-Firefox-Ubuntu.png for screenshots of the browser settings dialogs for Chrome running in Windows and Firefox running in Ubuntu.)

Now you can open and see the Lizard online display. In another tab, you can open and see Ganglia metrics. In another tab, you can open and see the ControlSystemStudio archiver status.

Table of contents

This is a page in progress. Detailed instructions will be added in due course.

Doing it manually.

... this section will provide detailed instructions for each OS and browser ....

A relatively quick and easy way using "sxrs".

SXRS is a Java application that does the ssh commands at the touch of a button. It can also make tunnels for VNC at the same time. More later...