How to log into the online machines as root

This page describes how to log in to the DAQ machines as root. Please be extra careful with root access! Only use ksu when you actually need to, and exit from root as soon as you are done. This is especially important for online machines such as these.

Note that before you can log in as root you will need to have your Kerberos principal added to the root k5login on that machine. All DAQ experts should have root access - if you don't, file a service desk ticket to the SLAM team and ask them to add you. They might ask for confirmation from the RunCos or DAQ leads that you should have access. Once you have root access you can do:

  • Log into the machine as yourself
  • type ksu to switch to root
  • Do whatever you need to do as root (e.g. check /var/log/cron to see which cron jobs are running)
  • Type exit to exit root