Export plot data

One can export the data from a plot using the "Export samples" functionality in CSS. The "Export Samples" tab is usually present on the Standard Slow Controls screen on the bottom right window, so you can immediately access it, if for some reason you cannot find the "Export Samples" tab on the Slow control screen, follow these instructions to open it:
-> on the first toolbar (very top of the Slow Controls screen), click on window -> "Show View" and then select "Export Samples". If you cannot find "Export Samples" on the initial pop-up window, click on "other" and a detailed list will pop up and then select "Export Samples" from there.

On the "Export Samples" window, always pick the "Plot" option (for Source) to export data. This way you get all the fine sampling data. If you choose the "Raw archiver data", you will only get data at the archiver sampling rate. Use the "browse" option to pick a file location and give a file name.