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h1. DM - Expert Documentation

h2. Starting the PUBS daemon running

Details are on this page. [[Starting the PUBS online daemon]]

h2. Building up the PUBS online testbed

Details are on this page. [[Building up the PUBS online testbed]]

h2. Running out of Disk Space on ubdaq-prod-evb ?

useful info: there are ~ 33 TB of disk space in /data/ on the evb machine. PUBS will try and clear data in /data/uboonedaq/TestRuns/ until the disk-usage reaches 40% of /data/uboonedaq/TestRuns/ is empty.

If this is the case there are several things one should do:
0) Idenfity who is using up the disk space. Options:
a) /data/uboonedaq/rawdata/ -> this is where data from "official" runs goes. Files here are seen (and should be eventually removed) by PUBS.
b) /data/uboonedaq/TestRuns/ -> this is disk-space DAQ people use to test things. It is not seen by PUBS and needs to be removed by hand in order to be cleared.
c) /data/uboonedaq/lukhanin/ -> test-space for Gennadiy. Also needs to be removed manually in order to free up space.
d) /data/OTHER/ -> data used by someone else.
If most of the space is not being used by /data/uboonedaq/rawdata/ we need to free space manually. If it is urgent to free up space (i.e. data-taking should not be interrupted and the disk will fill up rather soon) you are authorized to clear /data/uboonedaq/TestRuns/. Contact any other person who is using up a considerable amount of space and ask them to quickly remove contents in their /data/ folder.
If /data/uboonedaq/rawdata/ is using up a significant amount of space, the problem is probably PUBS' fault.
1) identify the cause of the problem. Why is disk space not being freed? Possible causes:
a) clear_binary_evb is having issues.
b) clear_binary_evb does not find any new files to clear. This indicates a possible problem with one of the projects that clear_binary_evb depends on. A possible cause could be poor network speed to drain data out of the evb machine.

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