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Michael Kirby, 06/23/2015 04:14 PM

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Starting the PUBS daemon running

>ssh -Y

Once you are logged into ubdaq-prod-ws01, you can now access the online cluster. There are two machines where we run PUBS daemons, ubdaq-prod-evb and ubdaq-prod-near1. To start the daemon, you will want to log in as user uboonepro.
ws01>ssh -Y

Once there, you will need to setup the PUBS environment. The production version of PUBS is installed in /home/uboonepro/pubs/ and is the only version that should be run for production operations.
evb> cd pubs
evb> source config/
evb> conn_test

This last commands makes sure that the account can connect to the procdb database with the correct authorization. Everything should connect and disconnect successfully. once you've done that, you can start and stop the daemon on each of the machines, evb, near1, and smc using the following commands as uboonepro.
>bin/ stop
>bin/ start