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Kirsty Duffy, 01/22/2018 04:08 PM

New DAQ Expert Documentation -- Test

Guide for new expert
  1. Slides from school
  2. overview
    • DAQ system
    • control room
    • cron jobs
How to solve DAQ problems
Go to this page for some tips on how to solve DAQ problems you might encounter:
  • A guide for new experts for where to start in diagnosing problems
  • Some case studies showing how experts solved previous problems
  • A troubleshooting page describing how to do certain things you might need to do as a DAQ expert (including, but not limited to, fixing shifter problems)
How To and Reference Pages
  1. do config (including explanation on each parameter)
    • list of config files and their purposes (different page)
      1. login as root
      2. use ganglia
        • what does every matrix mean
          1. check what cron jobs are running
          2. Expert Default ASIC Configuration
          3. Expert RunType Convention
          4. Expert Hardware Trigger Bits