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h1. New DAQ Expert Documentation -- Test

[[Guide for new expert]]
# Slides from school
# overview
* DAQ system
* control room
* cron jobs (link to reference page?)
* How to log into online machines

[[How to solve DAQ problems]]
Go to this page for some tips on how to solve DAQ problems you might encounter:
* A guide for new experts for where to start in diagnosing problems
* Some case studies showing how experts solved previous problems
* A troubleshooting page describing how to do certain things you might need to do as a DAQ expert (including, but not limited to, fixing shifter problems)

[[Reference Pages]]
Reference pages for things you might need to know about the DAQ. For example (not a complete list):
* Config files -- what do the parameters mean? How do you make and upload config files?
* How to log in as root on the DAQ machines
* Ganglia -- how to access the ganglia metrics, and explanations of individual metrics
* Cron jobs -- cron jobs that should be running on the online machines and how to check them
* PUBS daemons -- where do the PUBS daemons run and what do they do? %{color:red}(Probably better to move this to overview)%
* Online machines -- list of online (DAQ) machines with brief descriptions of what each machine does
* Spare parts -- list of MicroBooNE spare parts (parts of the list relating to DAQ machines/spare parts will be checked by DAQ leads - other parts not guaranteed to be up to date)