There are direct links below that should get you to the reporting forms as quickly as possible.

In case the direct links below stop working, go to, select "Service Catalog" in the top left sidebar, and scroll down to find "Scientific Computing Systems" near the bottom right of the page. (Screenshot attached to this page.)

Trouble -- something is broken

Control Room Computer Incident - Something is Broken

DAQ Computer Incident - Something is Broken

Test-stand Computer Incident - Something is Broken

Scientific Linux Workstations Incident - Something is Broken

Requests -- something new or different is wanted

Control Room Computer Request

DAQ Computer Request

Test-Stand Computer Request

Scientific Linux Workstation request

h2. In case the above links stop working

The above links should take you directly to the request forms. In case the links change, you can navigate there from the service-now page as shown below.