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Finding the CI validation output files

One of the great side effects of the CI validation is that it produces and reconstructs an MC or data sample from scratch! This can be very useful - if you find any unexpected features in the CI plots, you can use these generated files to investigate further, without needing to run the code and generate new files yourself. You can also use the merged analysistree file produced by the CI to run the "long-form" validation suite, as described in the validation documentation in Docdb-13373.

The validation scripts run on the output of analysistree. The merged analysistree file generated by the CI is saved to persistent pnfs space in the following directories:

for the cosmic data workflow (triggered using
for the cosmic MC workflow (triggered using
for the BNB MC workflow (triggered using

Inside each of these directories will be a directory with your branch or tag name, and inside that directory should be a file called ana_hist_merged.root.

The CI also writes the output files from each of its three stages (simulation, reconstruction, and anatree) to scratch pnfs space, in the following directories:


The /reco or /reco2_data/ directory contains reco2 output files and the individual anatree output files. The /mergeana/ or /mergeana_data/ directory contains a single merged analysistree file (the same one that is also copied to /pnfs/persistent/).

Note that because these files are written to scratch they will get deleted after not too long. If you want to keep the files for further study, you will need to copy them as soon as possible to persistent or /uboone/data storage.