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The CI dashboard: more details

This page contains some extra information about monitoring the CI validation and navigating the CI validation dashboard. It is probably more detail than you need if you are looking at the CI validation plots on shift, but may be useful for developers. Notes here are in no particular order, so check the table of contents to see if you can find what you want!

More tips for navigating the CI dashboard

Checking the tag of uboonecode used for each CI validation from the main dashboard page

Pro-tip: if you hover your mouse over the "checkout" column in the main CI dashboard page (this link includes both Cosmic and BNB validations) it will show you the latest tag of the code used to generate the plots.

In the example screenshot below, you can see that the tag information for uboonecode says

uboonecode v06_67_01-4-g6d6d93e1

This tells you:

  • The latest tag of uboonecode is v06_67_01
  • The version of the code used to generate these plots has 4 commits since this tag (the -4 after v06_67_01)
  • The hash for the exact commit used to generate these plots is g6d6d93e1