Alarm Sounder

A special web page will play a little alarm song for you when certain alarms happen. The page is
To access it, you need the same proxy setup as for the Online Monitor Lizard, Ganglia, etc., which will normally be already set up if you are taking shift. The page doesn't need to be visible, just open in a tab someplace.

Only channels that have a special “annunciate” flag set in the alarm system will cause the alarm sound. As of 2016/01/11, the following channels will make sound:

  • Cryo LAr pump on/off status (uB_Cryo_IFIX_1_0/LAR_PUMP_*_FORWARD)
  • Cathode HV digital voltage readback (uB_TPCDrift_HV01_1_0/voltage)
  • ASIC LV power on/off status (uB_OnDetPower_TPCPS_1/PS_STATUS and uB_OnDetPower_TPCPS_1_*_*/Switch_SET)
  • Wire bias HV on/off status (uB_OnDetPower_TPCPS_2/PS_STATUS and uB_OnDetPower_TPCPS_2_*_*/Switch_SET)
  • PMT HV on/off status (uB_PMTHV_TRPM_M*C*/STATE)
  • Warm electronics LV on/off status (uB_CrateRails_TPC*_*/PS_STATUS)
  • Electron lifetime from Long PM (uB_ArPurity_PM02_1/LIFETIME)
  • One of the NuMI horn striplines (uB_BeamData_BEAM_NuMI_NSLINA/current)
  • The Operator Test Channel that the on-shift people can use to test the alarm system operation (uB_Test_TEST_1/ai)

How to use

A list of the last 40 annunciated alarms with their descriptions is printed at the bottom of the page. You can ignore that. Use the normal alarm windows to see and investigate the alarms.