Transport and related charged particle beam optics programs. The code is not being maintained; it is offered "as is". This a snapshot of what was in Dave Carey's directory.

  • archiv: everything that was there; some of the 'make' files and VAX '.com' files may be instructive regarding which files to compile
  • transport: source files, headers, and data; some files, such as those used to compile the code on a VAX, have been removed
  • beamcode: source files, headers, and utilities; presently being used by Accelerator Division/External Beams Department; refer to to that area for additional documentation
Directories (archiv/transport)
  • dev: development version
  • old: previous working version
  • new: latest working version
Programs (archiv/transport)
  • transport: charged particle optics to third order
  • turtle: (trace unlimited rays through lumped elements) ray tracing program using transport' formalism
  • halo: model beam halo
  • nuada: model neutrino beam
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