Release Notes v3_15_09 -- Diff from v3_15_08; git log Date: Mon Apr 20 04:54:42 2020 -0500


This release primarily adds __FUNCTION__ and __func__ support. Also add TRACEF and TRACEFN
macros to support an alternate c++ std::string formatter.


TRACE version:"v3_15_09"

New features:

  • Function (__FUNCTION__/__func__) support. Add %F to TRACE_PRINT.
  • TRACEF ad TRACEFN macros which support alternate C++ std::string formatter function e.g. fmt::format

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • delayed formatting of long double

Robustness Additions:

  • All files compile with -Wall -Wextra -Wconversion -pedantic.
  • tshow -F now works with { treset; tcntl test; }
  • remove .svn dir and svn status check from srpm and TRACE.spec respectively
  • Fix TRACEN_ macro to make sure ostring formatting only occurs if needed.

Operational changes:

  • none