Release Notes 31507 -- Diff from v3_15_06; git log Date: Thu Mar 12 12:34:28 2020 -0500


This release primarily addresses compile issue in certain environments (i.e. spdlog build).


TRACE version:"v3_15_07"

New features:

  • none

Bug fixes and Improvements:

  • fix the make srpm target (version issue)

Robustness Additions:

  • update "compile_into_kernel.howto" work work with modern kernels (i.e. 4.18.0-147.5.1.el8.x86_64)
  • many tweaks to silence compiler warnings - e.g. consistent uint8_t lvl
  • increase max lvl string from 3 characters to 31 (allowing color lvl strings on stdout (should actually have done a new %lvl operator for both TRACE_PRINT and TRACE_SHOW)
  • change kernel TRACE_NAME preprocessing to match user space - allowing #define TRACE_NAME to be before or after #include...trace.h
  • changed default time fmt, for just for tshow, to use gnu field width extension for %s (i.e. %10s)

Operational changes:

  • none