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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
11/28/2011 Michael Zalokar Development Bug #2221: Frodo should not have a reportEvent link in Tissue V2. 0.50
09/12/2014 Lauri Carpenter Deployment Bug #2567: IE 9 does not build the pulldown menu for remediation of event apparently fixed or no longer a problem 1.00
09/12/2014 Lauri Carpenter Deployment Bug #2965: add DENIED to pendingRemediation page to explicitly NOT approve some remediation done 1.00
09/12/2014 Lauri Carpenter Deployment Bug #3201: Testing fails. cannot reproduce or already fixed 1.00
02/09/2012 Lauri Carpenter Development Feature #2469: showEvents (GUI) should accept "bookmarked" queries, args same as API resolved in tissue_gui v2_3k with "My Events" link 1.00
11/02/2011 Michael Zalokar Development Bug #1933: Top level makefile can not find included makefile until a sib-directory is sourced. 1.00
09/16/2011 Randy Reitz Deployment Feature #1384: Configure Tissue actions based on reportEvent() exception. See #1863 1.00
11/28/2011 Michael Zalokar Deployment Bug #2122: In the ncis_db TestDataLoader class disable wism-i. 1.50
09/12/2014 Lauri Carpenter Deployment Feature #6547: Provide means (e.g. GUI button) to decline/reject an event remediation. done 4.00
11/02/2011 Michael Zalokar Development Bug #2097: A top level "make distclean" fails in sum sub-dirs because the makefiles lack a distclean rule. 4.00
11/28/2011 Michael Zalokar Administration Support #2228: Add .cvsignore files for TIssue, FBI and NCIS. The top level fbi and ncis directories won't give me permission to commit those two .cvsignore files. The rest are done. 5.00
11/28/2011 Michael Zalokar Testing Feature #2222: Move testdoc and releasedoc Makefile rules from the top level to the Makefile.packages file included one directory down. 8.00

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