Tissue <-> ServiceNow integration v7 (May 23, 2018). (1 comment)

Added by Randy Reitz over 2 years ago

A brief summary of the new features:
1) New - Communication Type - E-Mail (default) or ServiceNow

a) Required for Detector Configuration
b) Optional for Issue Configuration – Inherits from Detector if not set.

2) Tissue remediation approvals still honored.

If remediation is revoked after ServiceNow's three day delay to close a
resolved incident, a new incident will be opened.

3) Closing a ServiceNow Tissue event will not resolve the incident, but will add Work Notes saying the event was remediated.
4) Incident is assigned to the Support Group of the Configuration Item (CI).

If the CI does not have a support group, the Incident is assigned to the Service Desk.

5) The Email Template text is put into the incident Short Description and Description.

Additional information about the CI is added as Work Notes.
The Tissue Email Template recipient list is used to populate the ServiceNow Incident watch list.

Point release 14 Feb 2012

Added by Lauri Carpenter about 9 years ago

Release contains:
- tissue_gui v2_3k
- tissue_core v2_3g
- tissue_db_models v2_3h
- ncis_common v2_3h
- ncis_db_models v2_3d
- ncis_gui v2_3g

#2451 - report of macs, first/last seen on network for SNOW "active/inactive" flag
#2479 - email reminders should not go out when event is PENDING
#2476 - reduce load on miscomp by caching system_name, ancestry, etc., per instance
#2474 - gui showExemption/exID/ not displaying if exemption has already expired
#2469 - add "My Events" link (and open door for undocumented gui access via URL parameters)
#2468 - showEvents filter for system_identifier=cluster_name not finding all events for that cluster
#2467 - exemption filter for icode fails when it belongs to more than one detector
#2465 - new graphs for dashboard (recent activity by system, repeat offenders by system)
#2221 - tests fixed for Frodo
#2122 - wism-i disabled as part of automation now
#2111 - makefile repairs
#2222 - more makefile repairs

Point release Nov 23, 2011

Added by Lauri Carpenter over 9 years ago

#2098 - repeat offense logic broken for events that are closed by timeout and then redetected
#2110 - filtering events by detected before/detected after does not appear to be working
#2173 - exemptions not being handled correctly under some circumstances
#2179 - tissue_robots cannot be re-used in selftests

Tissue v2.3 release on Nov. 3, 2011

Added by Randy Reitz over 9 years ago

#1920 - make 0 mean 0 in time configurations (do not require units)
#1933 - Top level makefile can not find included makefile until a sib-directory is sourced.
#1946 - Multiple block requests for same event
#1973 - DATABASE types need to move from NcisDataTypes
#1984 - Timeout date should MOVE as event is re-opened
#1995 - scheduling/re-scheduling of events has bug
#1998 - email should not be scheduled when closed event is not re-opened
#2001 - Spelling error in
#2008 - 3 bugs in one, all related to excess comma when email_also_cc is set
#2011 - Duplicate MAC addresses in block/unblock requests.
#2012 - Block not scheduled after remediation revoked.
#2020 - Resolve robot interference.
#2023 - TEST_DIR is supposed to be TEST_DIRS in ncis_mibs, ncis_db_models, tissue_exemption_reader and tissue_db_models
#2024 - $(NCIS_COMMON_DIR)/make_utils/Makefile.test needs to handle muti-directory level prerequisites.
#2031 - bug in issue config page (tissue_gui component
#2079 - add ability to filter events on repeat offender status
#2085 - annoying AjaxManager popup alert when moving to a new page while ajax javascript running in the background

Tissue V2.2 Release on Oct 6, 2011

Added by Randy Reitz over 9 years ago

The following issues are addressed in release v2.2:
#1867 - makefile improvements (also extends to FBI v2.2)
#1876 - fix system link to display registered data
#1877 - add an unregistered system type
#1882 - add a block-at-time feature for the email template
#1883 - fix create remediation error
#1894 - in display event page, add a link to system registration page for MIS and GM systems.
#1900 - configure detector will save user input on error
#1906 - make API return pure json
#1908 - an inconsistent block error does not put event into error state
#1909 - fail to resolve reported IP address to correct MAC address
#1929 - restricted pages are viewable by unauthorized users
#1930 - detector admins cannot see configure remediation link
#1934 - add time stamp to repeat detection/offense action in event log
#1944 - robot fails when job not found in EventSchedules table
#1948 - Tissue ignoring False return from fbi_abi.block/unblock methods


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