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Synergia2 Wiki

Home page

Downloading old Synergia2 binaries

Download and installation

Updating an Existing Synergia2 Build


The Synergia manual is a work in progress. A preliminary version is available.


Synergia was used extensively in the lectures and exercises for the USPAS15 course Modern Computational Accelerator Physics .

Mailing list

Synergia has two mailing lists:
  1. synergia-announce: A low-volume list for Synergia2-related announcements, including releases. (name: synergia-announce, address: <name>
  2. synergia: A list for Synergia2-related discussions. Currently low volume. (name: synergia, address: <name>

CentOS 7.3/SL 7.3 issue

In the update from SL 7.2 to 7.3, the libfabric package causes 15 second hangs when running Synergia. The fix is to install an experimental version. See


multi-bunch animation