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h1. Synergia2 Wiki

h2. Home page

h2. [[Downloading old Synergia2 binaries]]

h2. Download and installation

* See "Synergia2 Contract":

h2. [[Updating an Existing Synergia2 Build]]

h2. Manual

The Synergia manual is a work in progress. A "preliminary version": is available.

h2. USPAS15

Synergia was used extensively in the lectures and exercises for the USPAS15 course "Modern Computational Accelerator Physics": .

h2. Mailing list

Synergia has two mailing lists:
# *synergia-announce*: A low-volume list for Synergia2-related announcements, including releases. (name: synergia-announce, address: <name>
** Anyone may join.
** Posting is restricted.
** See .
# *synergia*: A list for Synergia2-related discussions. Currently low volume. (name: synergia, address: <name>
** Anyone may join.
** Non-members may post to the list.
** See .

h3. CentOS 7.3/SL 7.3 issue Running on hopper

In There are template files, @job_example_hopper@, and @resume_example_hopper@ installed in the update from SL 7.2 to 7.3, @../install/lib/synergia_script_templates@ directory.
the libfabric package causes 15 second hangs when running Synergia. The fix is file to install an experimental version. See

your run directory, customize it and rename it as

h3. Miscellany

[[multi-bunch animation]]