Load Boot ROM, Artesyn MVME5500, 6.4

Roger Tokarek
August 22, 2015

Follows the Motorola MVME5500 6.4 Load Boot ROM procedure - with some differences.
The following commands are implemented using serial port software (ZTerm) on a Mac connected to the debug port.

Prepare the Front End:
Set Jumper 8 to "Flash 1".
Connect network cable to 10/100 port (As of Aug 20, 2015, NOT GigE. May change.)
Set debug port to 9600 baud.
Startup crate.

Set and Check the Time, Get the Boot ROMs and Flash:
My m10tor front end's IP is and I am on the VLAN.
Commands only shown.

$ set -tmmddyyhhmmss
$ time
$ tftpGet -c131.225.137.154 -s131.225.121.207 -d/dev/enet0 -fvxworks/bootroms/mv5500_6.4_generic.bin -g131.225.137.200 -r3
$ flashProgram -o0x1f00100 -n0xfff00 -v
$ y

Prepare to Set the Boot Parameters:
Shutdown crate.
Remove board,
Set Jumper 8 to "Flash 0".
Set debug port to 38400 baud.
Restart crate.

Set Boot Parameters:
Example m10tor.
"boot device" wancom0 is 10/100 and gei0 is GigE.

$ c

boot device          : wancom0
unit number          : 0
processor number     : 0
host name            : fecode-bd
file name            : vxworks_boot/fe/linac/vxWorks_6_4_5500_generic
inet on ethernet (e) :
inet on backplane (b) :
host inet (h)        :
gateway inet (g)     :
user (u)             : vxworks_boot
ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh):
flags (f)            : 0x8
target name (tn)     : m10tor
startup script (s)   : vxworks_boot/fe/m10tor/m10torstartup
other (o)

$ @