Notes on software and hardware in support of instrumentation development and maintenance.

General Topics

  • Load Boot ROM, Artesyn MVME5500, 6.4
    The new Artesyn MVME5500 boards require a different Boot ROM. This is a summary of the procedure to load the Boot ROM for an Artesyn MVME5500, VxWorks 6.4 front end.
  • Installing EPICS support on Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Buster)
    How to install EPICS Base, synApps, epics_ioc_raspi_sensors-master, and vdct. The installation can be tested with an AM2302 temperature and humidity sensor installed on the Pi. Remote readout can be tested on a Win10 machine by installing EPICSWindowsTools1.44-x64.msi and (Channel Access).
  • BPM Server Setup
    Instructions for installing/building all of the front-end software and support.