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Krzysztof Genser, 08/28/2019 10:44 AM

Simulation Point of Contact Roles

The PDS group supports the use of Geant4 here at Fermilab.

The designated people for the experiment simulation point of contact

Experiment/Project PDS Contact Experiment-side Liaison 2019-02
Mu2e Krzysztof Rob Kutschke,
Dave Brown
Muon g-2 Krzysztof Renee Fatemi,
Adam Lyon
MINOS Robert beam: Anna Holin
detector: (Robert)
NOvA Robert beam: Leo Soplin,
   Linda Cremonesi
detector: Adam Aurisano,
   Jeremy Hewes
MiniBooNE Robert Zarko Pavlovic,
Tyler Thornton
MINERvA Robert / Julia Trung Le,
Laura Fields
MicroBooNE Julia Libo Jiang,
Hanyu Wei
SBND Hans Michael Mooney (TPC), David Lorca (CRT) and Diego Garcia Gamez (photon detector)
ICARUS Hans Angela Fava,
Daniele Gibin
ArgoNeuT Robert Tingjun Yang
LBNF/DUNE Hans beam: Laura Fields
detector: Tom Junk
ProtoDUNE Hans detector: Tingjun Yan
LArIAT Hans Jonathan Asaadi,
Jennifer Raaf ,
Jason St. John
SeaQuest Julia / Krzysztof Shivangi Prasad
CHIPS Robert Stefano Germani,
Josh Tingey
ANNIE Robert Marcus OFlaherty,
Vincent Fischer,
Matt Wetstein
BN Beam Robert Zarko Pavlovic
LArSoft Hans / Krzysztof Erica Snider


Geant4 Technical Fora

The agenda of the past and future Technical Fora can be found at:

Geant4 Open User Requirements

Geant4 Problem Tracking System

HSF Detector Simulation Working Group

2019 Joint HSF, OSG, & WLCG Workshop at JLab including its
Simulation Session: