Site spack cache

For clients

Our site spack binary cache is:
To use this cache in your spack instance, do a

spack mirror add  --scope site fnal
spack buildcache keys --install --force
spack buildcache keys --trust

For packagers:

  • option 1
    • upload gpg key to buildmaster
    • unpack into spack instance for build
    • make initially signed key
    • transfer & upload
  • option 2
    • build unsigned image on buildmaster
    • pull to local system
    • add signature (script in spack-infrastructure)
    • then upload

To put things into it:

  • do a spack build_cache create packagename with the spack instance where you built packagename.
  • copy the build cache files over:
      scp -r ${wherever}/build_cache
      ssh /spack_cache/.mkindex.html

To be added to the products account to help update the build cache; submit a request
under Scientific Collaboration Tools Service in the Scientific Computing Services
catalog in ServiceNow